Cover the Curve Mask
Cover the Curve Mask

Cover the Curve Mask

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We have donated over 1000 masks!

For every 1 mask purchased, we are able to donate 5 masks to the many health care and front line testing facilities who have requested mask donations from our efforts. If you know of a health care facility in need please share our Go Fund Me link, and there is a link in our story to request mask donations.

Our Olson masks are made with sterile surgical, water proof material on the outside and a tight knit cotton cheek and mouth interior, with a wire nose bridge piece. There is a pocket on the inside that a third layer of protection can be slid in and then disposed. There is a regular and a large size mask. If you'd rather donate directly to the Go Fund Me, please visit: 

regular size shown in picture, colors chosen at random

Disclaimer: The CDC states that handmade fabric masks are a "crisis response when other supplies have been exhausted". We are not claiming that these will protect against Covid-19. These masks are a crisis response and intended to be used when all other resources and options are exhausted. They can be used as covers over a surgical mask or N95. 


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